Grateful Friday

-Green Juice
-Crunching in the leaves on the way to school

-Our 11th wedding anniversary on Sunday

-Calvin and Hobbes


-It’s Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow

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This is Rocky in his party feathers a few years ago.  He’s 5 years old now and if we still had those feathers I’m sure he would somehow have them spread all over the house, like any good five-year old.  Today we are going to sky high to jump out some of that energy, and then Pizza for tonight.  Happy Birthday my sweet little guy,  I love you!!

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a Hike


I took the kids for a hike up mt. Wanda today.  They Made it to the top filling their nature bags up with sticks and stones and moss and leaves.  They were much more energetic than I, and I had to fight the urge not to tell them “ok that’s enough, lets head back”.    I didn’t though because it was SO nice out, and the kids wanted to keep going and find side trails and pick up anything that was covered in moss.  And there were a lot of things covered in moss.  We have our nice long nature shelf all filled up at home now.  After the hike we went over to the Farmers Market in Todos Santos.  Bought some kale and swiss chard and let the kids play at the playground.  I have so many good memories of that playground because I have made so many new friendships there.  Lots of them I still have.  I love how this little corner of the town square brings mamma’s that all you need to do is smile at and boom, a conversation can start, and a new friend can be made.  It’s magical.

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Rocky’s birthday coming up in next week

the rain

green tea


pumpkin pie tart for dessert tonight


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I get up before the sun is up every morning.  I wake up around 4am, and then lay in bed for an hour or so and then get up.  I get up and make myself some coffee, make the kids lunches and set out their clothes for the day.  I usually get on the computer before anyone is up and check my email and Facebook and look around pinterest for a few minutes.  Then I get the kids up.  My favorite part of the morning is after I drop the kids off, I come home and read my bible and drink coffee.  The sun has been shining bright the last week or so and it’s been a real treat to go out on my morning walks.  I hope that today is a beautiful one for you.  love, Heather

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I’ve felt like I’ve been falling the last few days, nightmare thoughts in the daytime and all.  Today though I feel a glimmer of relief.  I can see the sun today, heard the crunch of the leaves as I walked the kids to school this morning.  Felt the full taste of my coffee today.  I feel a bit more normal.  My thoughts are calming, and though it’s still early in the day, I feel the hope that this will be a better day.

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A walk with Pudding

I took Pudding on a walk at Hidden Lakes today.  I let her lead the way.  She led me down trails and around bends and up hills and back down the same trails.  It was peaceful out.  We saw a few other dogs and had a few conversations with nice people.   I missed Honey and wish she was with us.  Pudding is not feeling well.  Not eating and throwing up.  I hope it’s just a bug and not anything like what Honey had.  Anyway,  it was a beautiful day for a walk with my little dog.

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